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Laser Surgery that uses a strong ray of special light, called a laser, to treat damaged parts of the body. Laser surgery can help treat some diabetic eye diseases. Laser Surgery using a device which emits a beam of light radiation, surgeons can cauterize a wound, repair damaged tissue, or cut through tissue. Since a laser beam can be focused precisely on a tiny area, it is used to operate on delicate tissues. General anesthetic is unnecessary. Your doctor will discuss these with you in detail and determine whether it is the right course of action for you.


Laser surgery can be quite effective on this type of problem and could bring about snoring relief. The benefits of using laser as opposed to traditional surgery are the fact that you do not need a general anesthetic so there is less risk. You also might not need to stay in hospital so that helps to reduce cost. Your recovery time will be a lot shorter than if you had open surgery. The main disadvantage is that you could pay for a treatment that doesn't work and laser surgery is not normally inexpensive.

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